My Offerings

Through sacred embodied yoga and meditation classes, intimate women's circles, and one-on-one sessions, I create space for women to  activate and nourish the sacred embodied feminine. Our work is upheld through a fully supportive, enlivening and empowering listening space, connecting us in the spirit of Sacred Embodied Womanhood.  

1:1 Sessions

Where we go together is based on what arises as listen deeply together in sacred partnership. The focus is always on moving you into your own embodied wisdom. We will enter into a creative blend of soulful inquiry, sacred embodied yoga, embodied meditation, breath-work, energy work, visualization, sound and writing practice to help determine where you are stuck and how you will best move in the direction of clarity, life-force energy, insight and your own embodied wisdom.  We will likely move organically through some of the themes outlined below, but we always honor your own rhythm and process to unlock your own deep feminine wisdom.

Group Work / Play / Gatherings

Whether through sacred embodied yoga practice for women, women's circles, or other gatherings of sacred embodied womanhood, the aim is always the deep nourishment of the woman's body and soul, along with the activation of her vital and creative life-force energy. Group work can take place at my studio in Clearwater or in the privacy of your own home or retreat center.  Combining the modalities of sacred embodied yoga, embodied meditation, and personal writing practice is a great fit for any  women's small group, memoir or creative writing group, prayer or meditation group seeking to integrate deep embodied feminine wisdom.


What does the process look like?

  1. Contact me by phone or email to ask any questions or see if this work is a good fit for you.
  2. If your interest is in sacred embodiment yoga & meditation or participating in a women's circle, click here for current offerings.
  3. If your interest is in 1:1 session, click on the boxes below to purchase a series of sessions with me.  
  4. Schedule our sessions online here. Once a week is a good place to begin, especially as we are getting started. At some point, we might shift to bimonthly or monthly sessions.
  5. We can schedule to work together in person, over zoom or skype, or in some cases, by telephone and/or email.

One extended kickstart or stand-alone session tailored to help identify the kind of nourishment and support you need to activate your deep feminine wisdom and life-force energy.

One hour sessions tailored to help guide, support, and walk alongside you as you explore your own sacred feminine embodiment.

  • Some of the themes below naturally begin to arise as we work with becoming more fully embodied: more in tune, from the inside out, with what our heart wants and our body knows.
  • We will move through this inner work in a way that feels nurturing, empowering, and guided by the listening space we create together.

Center | Your Rooted Self

  • Attune to and connect with your Original Image at the very ground of your being; uncover and anchor yourself to your very essence.
  • Ground into your nourishing roots and uncover the uniquely feminine wisdom within the pelvis, womb, and deep connection to the earth.
  • Cultivate the depths of your calm equanimity as you learn to stabilize your  breath and sense of self from deeper within your body.

Through embodied movement, subtle attunement work and settling into the foundations of our female bodies, the main focus of our work is to ground into our nourishing roots. Our focus is to receive the energy both of the earth and of our own life-force energy deep within our root and center. 



Awaken | Your Expanding Self

  • Attune to your alchemical feminine wisdom - the creativity, transformation and illuminative light of being that connects you to the magic and mystery of the cosmos.
  • Reclaim your sense of original perception, original knowing, and original voice as a woman.
  • Rediscover your ability to see, hear, know and communicate through the expanse of your own perceptions and connection to the cosmos.

Through sweeping, expansive movement, subtle attunements to your seat of perception as a woman, and becoming intimate with your inner wisdom voice, hone your access to the Imaginal Realm, where your expanse of vision and knowing connects you more fully and intimately with the cosmic realms. 



Embody | Your Deepening Self

  • Listen to the stories of your body as your deepest source of embodied feminine wisdom.
  • Allow for difficult and old emotional patterns to unwind and be released through the space of the body and breath.
  • Allow for spontaneous wisdom to arise from the depths of the body, re-creating your sense of  feminine self in touch with your wild, sensual, and sonorous body. 

Through movement, deep attunement to the whole internal space of the body, and cutting through layers of what has been bound up within the body, our main focus to achieve a felt sense of embodiment that encompasses every part of us. Descending from the mind into the reservoirs of wisdom within the feminine womb and heart is often an experience like coming home. Welcome to your fully embodied wholeness! 

hand to heart
Silhouette of a beautiful Yoga woman in the morning

Integrate | Your Core Self

  • Integrate your fluid, feminine locus of being with the the realms of silence and deep stillness accessed along the verticle core of your body.
  • Allow for integration at your female power center with the divine masculine energies of focus, concentration, and verticle alignment.
  • Work with the energies of silence and stillness to allow for emotional/spiritual integration and refinement.

Move into a singleness of being that seamlessly integrates the divine feminine and masculine within you. The main focus of our work will be refining awareness of the subtle body, capable of deep stillness, deep clarity and life-affirming intimacy with self and others.  Through guided meditation, relaxation, and attunement exercises, tap into the power of your core self for continuous healing, deepening, and integration.

Align | Your Self in Action

  • Come into greater alignment with your inner gifts, sense of calling, and dharma.
  • Frame the story of your life in a way that brings healing, integration, empowerment and clear direction.
  • Articulate an embodied sense of vision, creativity and purpose that aligns with your integrative self.

The main focus of our work is to come into resonance with your heart's desires and your body's wisdom, aligned with your daily practical life. Begin to tap into wellsprings of courage and confidence to draw closer, through aligned action, to the life you most deeply yearn for.


Emerge | Your Radiant Self

  • Fine tune the art of creating the right conditions for you, so that your relationships & gifts will flourish.
  • Consistently tap into your wellsprings of wisdom, creativity and vitality through a balance of contemplative practice & action.
  • Join with other women in community to support, empower and see one another as our true, radiant selves.

The main focus of our work is to become skillful in transformational, creative and alchemical living. Unleash your full radiance, in congruence with your calm, abiding self and aligned with your core values. Engage in a process of greater impact on your world through through circles of influence and authentic contribution. Explore the power of connecting to your tribe as a radiant soul. 

What does the process look like?

  1. Contact me by phone or email to ask any questions or see if this work is a good fit for you
  2. Click on the boxes above or below to purchase a series of sessions with me.  
  3. Schedule our sessions online here. Once a week is a good place to begin, especially as we are getting started. At some point, we might shift to bimonthly or monthly sessions.
  4. We will work together in person, over zoom or skype, or in some cases, by telephone and/or email.

One extended session tailored to meet you exactly where you are and identify the kind of support you need.

Six one hour sessions tailored to uniquely suit your current needs and create forward momentum.