Sacred Embodiment Circles for Women

Spiritual Awakening; Nourishment; Life Transformation

"Through this work, I have learned how to be in my body, in the room, in the world, with my feet on the ground, connected to that which surrounds me. I bring my own worth and I am enough."-Participant

  • If you’re feeling fragmented, disconnected, anxious, or stuck in self-limiting patterns….
  • If you need some breathing room….
  • If you want an influx of positive, creative, empowering energy in your life….
  • If you want to give yourself some space to consider where your life is trying to go right now… and are looking for soulful, nourishing practices to align with that inquiry.
  • If it intrigues you to attune to and embody the elements within yourself and your environment.
  • If you intuit the power of a group of women gathering together to be nourished, to connect, and to feel more in tune with our bodies, our selves, and our relationship with the natural world….

Join me in a highly enriching and supportive virtual space | Tuesday Nights @ 6 pm!

  • Create sacred space within which to explore your sacred feminine vitality and natural power.
  • Connect with the natural rhythms that feed your soul.
  • Re-claim the interior space of your body, the soul story that fuels your life, and the richness of your original, essential self.
  • Attune to your inner wholeness, vision, purpose, and unique gifts.
  • Attune to the primary sacred feminine archetypes for nourishing the soul, engaging in heart-centered action, embodying our full radiance, and skillfully navigating the dark.

September's Phoenix Rising Embodiment Circle is in in-depth exploration of themes relevant to the female body, mind, and psyche, including the cycles of death and rebirth, liberation biology, Shakti Divine Feminine creative fire, and the power of female sexuality and pleasure.

Our September Circle will be examining in depth the container of the menstrual cycle as a living embodiment and expression of these themes, providing a radical tool for reclaiming the inner authority of our own female bodies.

Each circle is creatively tailored to the women in the group and the season, and will include elements of chakra mediation and energy healing, tantric yoga and meditation, and immersion with eight core Sacred Feminine Archetypes.


Before I began this work, I had lost sense of who I was and where I was going. There were parts of my body and myself that I had forgotten about. And I no longer wanted to ignore them and cause them pain with my indifference. I felt that I need to circle back to a beginning, to a center within, find my inner strength. 

I didn’t know what to expect, but I took a leap of faith.  I think the scariest part or common road block is that we are thought that we ought to be productive, earning, reaching goals. But I learned to be in deeper contact with the parts of me beyond my thinking brain. An essence in me which loves and acknowledges the self, connects with all that is and breathes. Through this work, I have learned how to be in my body, in the room, in the world, with my feet on the ground, connected to that which surrounds me. I have learned that I am permeable but I do not dissolve. I bring my own worth and I am enough.

As a guide in this work, Karen is patient, kind and gentle. She really listens. She practices along with her students and acknowledges each and every one of us. She genuinely cares and is down to earth. She knows the intimacy of the woman’s soul soul and how multifaceted it is. Also the importance of being ok with that, to learn from that and full acknowledge it. I am very grateful that she has helped me on this transformative journey and is an intimate part of it. 



When I began this work I felt unsure and disconnected, told my entire life that my intuition and emotions are not to be trusted and that validation is external. It’s hard to describe the feeling I have now. It’s like, “oh… this is home. I forgot”.

My favorite part has been the space held by sisterhood, as well as the encouragement and accountability to keep pushing towards our true nature. 

Karen has an ability to see the possibilities in people and gently guide people to opening and softening to a different side of themselves. Our time is always well thought out and considerate.

I am just incredibly grateful for the work she does. This is hard but necessary. Regardless of how far you want to take your journey there will be a shift inside.The world needs more people like her!. I wish I had this group when I was 5, 10, 15, 20, 30!! Now at 38 I am grateful for this homecoming.


Spiritual Awakening; Nourishment; Life Transformation