Sacred Embodiment Circles for Women

Listening ourselves and each other into sacred depth of being. 

  • Create sacred space within which to explore your sacred feminine vitality and natural power.
  • Connect with the natural rhythms that feed your soul.
  • Re-claim the interior space of your body, the soul story that fuels your life, and the richness of your original, essential self.
  • Attune to your inner wholeness, vision, purpose, and unique gifts within the sacred space of sisterhood.
What is the women's sacred embodiment circle about?

  • It’s about giving you, as a woman, some breathing room to slow down, safely tune in and explore your inherent creativity, inner wisdom, and transformative capabilities.
  • It’s about gathering with a consistent group of women over six weeks to create a container of sacred space, trust, energetic support and mutual empowerment.
  • It’s an opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and inner listening in a way that resonates with your deep inner rhythms, your female body, and your inner essence.
  • It is a turning toward what is sacred, looking and listening deeply for the inner wisdom and life energy communicated by the body and breath.
What will it look like?
  • The intention is to turn towards lunar, fluid and feminine practices: movements, meditations, and topics that align us with our natural rhythms, our inner essence, and the truth accessed within our own bodies.
  • We will, for example, move and flow in a particular dynamic way to connect with and embody what we want to manifest in our life, and then in a completely different way to slow down and release what is stuck, stagnant, or fragmented within us.
  • Each week will have a focused intention, will include an open-ended inquiry, and will give you ample breathing room to connect with your own wisdom and with the circle.
  • As a whole, the series is designed to explore the primary sacred feminine archetypes, supporting our exploration with practices, tools and techniques for nourishing the soul, engaging in heart-centered action, embodying our full radiance, and skillfully navigating our abilities to achieve transformation.
What will it feel like?

  • At times, deeply activating!
  • At times, deeply nourishing!
  • At times, wildly joyful and fun!
  • At times,  quietly contemplative and still!
Where will the circle take place?

  • Either at Yoga 365 in Clearwater, on Zoom (online) or, weather permitting, outdoors!
Why should I take part?

  • If you’re feeling fragmented, disconnected, anxious, or stuck in self-limiting patterns….
  • If you need some breathing room….
  • If you want an influx of positive, creative, empowering energy in your life….
  • If you want to give yourself some space to consider where your life is trying to go right now… and are looking for soulful, nourishing practices to align with that inquiry.
  • If it intrigues you to attune to and embody the elements within yourself and your environment.
  • If you intuit the power of a group of women gathering together to be nourished, to connect, and to feel more in tune….