Sacred Embodiment Journeys for Women

Nourishing our healing ground, inner authority, and true north


If you are ready to realize and reclaim the light of your own divinity, you have found yourself in the right place, at the divinely appointed time. If you are ready to embody a new expression of sacred sisterhood that honors ourselves, our bodies, and each other, and is called to do our part to restore balance to this world, please know that you are not just welcome, but eagerly awaited. You are infinitely loved. You are deeply honored. Your unique and necessary living vision is calling you forth. Have you been hearing its whisper? Let’s listen together, turn up the volume, and shine forth in our collective radiance. We shine brighter together.

Join me in the highly safe space of 1-to-1 sessions to embody your feminine wisdom & sacred sovereignty.

Who It's For:

If you feel:
-pressured, rushed, and/or disconnected from your body, yourself, and the natural world
-in a heightened time of transition or change
-sensitive to these shifting planetary paradigms
-that you're standing at a spiritual crossroads
-tired of holding back from your dreams, and from showing up fully to your creative and intuitive gifts.

What This Work is About:

I offer intuitive guidance and masterful feminine soul support around:

-heart-womb yoga & meditation practices to nourish and reclaim your Inner Ground
-natal, moon and/or menstrual charting for optimal wellness, creativity and personal growth
-integration practices for awakening to life purpose & personal calling
-sacred feminine archetypes to grace, guide and inform your everyday life

What We'll Do:

I work on a holistic, multidimensional, and highly intuitive level to achieve transformation results, for a minimum of six sessions (typically 3-6 months). I only currently work with a handful of clients per month. In the meantime, check out my Women's circle to join a 12 Week Journey with me in a small, intimate group of 12.


How to Get Started:

  1. If you have further questions about whether this work is a good fit, schedule a free 7 minute consult with me here. Whether or not you take this journey with me, I am passionate that all women walk away nourished and empowered from our time together. 
  2. If you're ready to get started, click on the pink boxes below to purchase and book a introductory single session or a package of six sessions.
  3. Come on over to my calendar to schedule your session(s). On average, we will schedule your sessions two weeks apart to allow time for practice & integration.  
  4. After you've scheduled your session, you will receive a zoom link and/ or phone number for our session through email.
  5. Our session will take place via zoom!
  6. You will be supported in between sessions via unlimited email, text, voxer (audio exchange) or marco polo (video exchange) support.
  7. Get ready to dive into this beautiful investment into the embodiment & expression of your personal soul sovereignty!

An introductory session tailored to help identify the kind of soul nourishment, empowerment and support you need right now.

Six one hour sessions tailored to help guide and support you in the embodiment & expression of your personal soul sovereignty.