Heart-Womb Yoga™ 

Reclaim | Restore | Re-Remember | Re-Enchant

Women often seek out yoga & meditation, as I did, because they feel mentally taxed, emotionally overwhelmed, or burdened with a general sense of feeling disconnected, fragmented, and ill at ease. Often, it takes these conditions manifesting at the level of physical symptoms, illness, a breakdown of some sort, or debilitating anxiety and depression to signal as a wake-up call that a significant change is being called for.

Women also turn to yoga & meditation when they feel stuck or stalled spiritually, having been to therapy, the gym, and church all within a week but are left feeling fragmented and incomplete. Seeking to feel more unified in body, mind and spirit, they seek out a yoga or meditation class, but often still miss the inquiry, conversation, and soulful attunement that will catalyze their growth. Furthermore, yoga can too often become just another place to perform, and the healing, transformative value of the practice becomes lost.


Heart-Womb Yoga provides a nourishing, creative and empowering space for women who feel  drawn by a desire for the sacred, the real, and the deeply feminine aspect of their being...in service to stepping into the best version of themselves. It allows space for the necessary Integration that accompanies Spiritual Awakening, Activation, and Growth Cycles.