The Inner Tug of “Embodiment”

At some point on my journey as a Yogi, “Mindfulness” began to lose its luster, just barely scratching the surface of the root of my longing for wholeness, connection, intimacy and depth. To be sure, Mindfulness is a wonderful tool for disentangling the mind from everyday distractions and surface anxieties. As a method of cultivating concentration and single-pointed focus, it is an essential starting point for a yoga and meditation practice. For the deeper work of reclaiming wholeness, however, we need a different starting point altogether.

The deeper work of centering ourselves deep within our bodies requires a much more subtle mind as a frame of reference, a mind that has taken residence deep within the human heart and is anchored deep within the core of the body. Although mindfulness is an invaluable tool for establishing well being, if you happen to find yourself seeking more, I believe it is the spiritual realization of embodiment that you are beginning to experience as an inner tug. You may be drawn by the possibility of knowing yourself from the inside out, from the richness of your spiritual awareness, to the whispers of your unbound heart, to the groundedness of your own two feet standing firm on this earth. As we find each other and claim this healing work, the isolation and sense of being alone here begins to subside~ as we find and connect deeply with one another, we come home to ourselves.

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