Welcome, Sisters!


My Story

My Background

Like most spiritual pilgrimages, I arrived on this spiral path in stages, over decades. While it crystallized through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, it was originally catalyzed through more traditional forms of yoga and meditation, which over the course of 20 years brought me down and in to my body and sparked my fascination and longing for deeper and deeper embodiment.     

Simultaneously, I was drawn to depth psychology and the sacred arts within contemplative spiritual practice of all kinds. I felt compelled to explore the elusive feminine voice within the spiritual traditions, rich and mysterious, yet often deeply underground.

Putting these all together - the sacred, the body, and the feminine - invited me even further down and in, to the very core of what it means to embody our female form, and in fact our very divinity in human form.

It is an exciting time for exploration together, as a collective, as we discover our need for one another in this sacred journey of awakening,  embodying, and co-creating the new paradigms called forth by the Sacred Feminine. 



I have completed a BA in Psychology and and MA in Spiritual Direction and Leadership, a unique degree geared towards individual and group Spiritual Direction. My area of focus is contemplative spiritual disciplines and soul care; the art of deep, attentive listening which turns us towards compassion, remembrance, respect for mystery, and intimacy with self and others.

I have been a yoga studio owner for nearly a decade, instructor (RYT E-200), and teacher trainer in traditional Hatha Yoga as well as the Phoenix Rising Tradition, which uses yoga as a vehicle for deepening embodied awareness.

I am also certified through Judith Blackstone and The Realization Process, in the modalities of Embodied Meditation and the Healing Ground, and am currently undergoing certification as a Sophia Circle Facilitator within the Divine Feminine Christ Movement led by Kaia Ra.

My passion is for a creative, nurturing blend of movement, spiritual practice and embodied soul care in close, intimate partnership with women.  

My Approach

As a yoga studio owner with a combined practicing & teaching career of over 20 years, I have come to see the need for an integrated, feminine approach to yoga, meditation, and women's gatherings that:

  • is unique to women's bodies and needs.
  • encompasses the unity of mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.
  • honors the emotional journey through the body and psyche.
  • is rich, grounded and inclusive enough to appeal to to contemporary, Western women, while also honoring our ancient roots and global sisterhood.
  • honors the instincts of the body, which are often injured and need to be re-claimed.
  • honors the cyclical rhythms of the women's body, which puts her in close connection with the rhythms of the natural environment.
  • is life-affirming, body-affirming, and addresses the whole person.
  • works directly with the raw material of our messy, complicated and busy lives.
  • takes place within a container of spiritual friendship, deep listening and witnessing, love and support.


My own spiritual journey has for over two decades  thrived in the company of spiritual friends, confidantes, and guides.

A compassionate, listening presence reminds us who we are deep inside and, like a midwife, helps usher our most sacred qualities forth into the world.

Women as a collective, attuned to our most sacred, radiant and essential selves, have the power to heal and transform this world.

A peek into my life with a few of my favorite things.


I am a wife, a devoted mother, business owner of a local yoga studio in partnership with my husband. I take my inspiration from my daughter on what it looks like to live in a way that is fully alive in our own skin.