Activating & Nourshing the Sacred Feminine

within, between, and among women. 

You are Wild. You are Worthy. You are Wise.

Heart-Womb Yoga™

As women, we need an approach to yoga that accurately reflects our feminine way of knowing, being, and moving through and from the interior space of our bodies. We need space to explore the mystery, power and wisdom of our bodies as containers for our sacred selves. Heart-Womb Yoga™ is designed to connect us as women to our embodied wholeness: our capacities for expanded perception/ intuition/ imagination, love & nurturance, and the vitality of our awakened life force energy. Through guided meditations and fluid, feminine movement practices, our aim is making deep inward contact, naturally healing fragmentation and experiencing our essential selves as one unified field of being.


Women's Sacred Embodiment Circles

As women, we have the ability to listen ourselves and each other into sacred depth of being. Attuning together to the wild and sacred intimacy of our bodies and our breath, the ways in which our internal rhythms mirror the natural rhythms of our environment, and allowing for the creative light of being to transmute and transform what is within us, we uncover and shine forth in our inherent radiance and unique gifts. In a world in which women are increasingly fragmented and disconnected, cut off from our innate wisdom and vital life force energy, we need more than ever the nourishment we receive from sacred feminine energy.

1 to 1 Sacred Embodiment Journeys

1:1 sessions allow for a deeply transformative and energetically focused space for your sacred work as a woman to come home to your original self, your innate wisdom, and the sacred container of your body. These shifts create the space for you to embody the life of passion, purpose, meaning and beauty that you most deeply desire. 1:1 work together is highly personalized and unique, attuning to your body, your breath, your life in its many dimensions, and your primary energy centers as containers for deep spiritual and psychological work.  A highly safe and deep listening space for the deep feminine rising.


Meet Karen


I invite you to embody your innate essence, creatvity, personal calling, and wholeness.

I’m a deep listener, embodiment guide, and intuitive friend of the feminine soul. My approach fuses overlighting cosmic teachings with embodied movement, energy attunement, and rich soulful dialogue to connect body, soul, and spirit in balanced, harmonic resonance.  

I partner with women to listen closely for their own sacred channels of wisdom and expression, promoting soulful inquiry and spiritual-emotional integration in the presence of a compassionate listener, witness, and spiritual midwife. 

Our work together is systematic, highly practical, and grounded in the raw material of your daily life.

I work in the spirit of sacred sisterhood and deep soul friendship. My eyes and heart are attuned to witness and help usher forth your most beautiful soul self, aligned with your rich spiritual vision and calibrated to the resonance of your soul's divinity.